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2024-03-24 Log Mar 24, 2024 logs & responses & drawing & teaching & making & research Log 11 - Manifesto Mar 22, 2023 logs & teaching & making In one of my classes recently we introduced this idea of manifestos (which I was excited about, because I’ve been slowly collecting them for a Log 9 - A trip to the gallery Feb 25, 2023 logs & responses & drawing & teaching A zine about a trip to the gallery and illustrating my experience Log 8 - reportage drawing Feb 17, 2023 logs & drawing & teaching In one of the classes I’ve been teaching this term we introduced the illustration ‘genre’ of reportage. What is reportage drawing? Reportage is Log 4 - teaching, journal response project, visualizing time Jan 29, 2023 logs & responses & teaching This semester I’m teaching and helping build (in real time) a new course for the third-year curriculum in the Illustration program. It’s called Log 2 - Rolling Stone update, teaching, rest, going to the library Jan 21, 2023 logs & teaching To give an update on what I was writing about in my last (first) log, I did end up finishing the Rolling stone gallery– at least, a demo version. I