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2024-03-24 Log Mar 24, 2024 logs & responses & drawing & teaching & making & research Winter semester coming to a close Mar 19, 2024 logs & responses & making & research For much of the semester my studio practise felt split between thinking abstractly and making figuratively. At this point a few resonant themes and concepts from my research are emerging… Reflections on Discussing The Critical Atlas of the Internet - what we say about our tools Feb 26, 2024 responses & research For my class Research and Creation, each of us were asked to choose a text for the class to read, and then lead a discussion on it. What follows is Nocturne Log - Art at Night Oct 27, 2023 logs & responses About Halifax's Nocturne public art festival at night, and my experience delivering soup to artists. Log 9 - A trip to the gallery Feb 25, 2023 logs & responses & drawing & teaching A zine about a trip to the gallery and illustrating my experience Notes - Cool Museums and Hot Museums Feb 20, 2023 responses Selected quotes and short notes from a book about museology and museums Log 7 - three old guys Feb 8, 2023 logs & responses The past week we were looking at artistic/creative influences in class and discussing them. Perhaps (probably) related, I’ve been looking back to Log 5 - on drawing, three ways from three books Feb 4, 2023 logs & drawing & responses This is a work-in-progress post. I’d like to come back and tend to this as I go. In the meantime, you’re welcome to explore whatever is here so far. Log 4 - teaching, journal response project, visualizing time Jan 29, 2023 logs & responses & teaching This semester I’m teaching and helping build (in real time) a new course for the third-year curriculum in the Illustration program. It’s called Log 3 - Noguchi and I’s letters Jan 22, 2023 logs & responses I was reading Isamu Noguchi: A Sculptor’s World this morning and came across part of his biography where he was applying to the then newly-founded