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2024-02-04 Log Feb 4, 2024 logs & making & research How to make a metal armature eel pot, and a two-part mold of eels. Week 7 - Part 2 - the unbuilding game Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research This log is a continuation of Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle, where I talk about some of the work that came out of my class *Embodied Research*. Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research The wrap up of my summer course and some of the things I've made, including jello experiments and making an edible board game. Water as a Gift - Making of - Post-Mortem Part 1 Apr 5, 2023 making & project Part 1 of a retrospective look at the successes and failings in the making of my kinetic installation project. Log 11 - Manifesto Mar 22, 2023 logs & teaching & making In one of my classes recently we introduced this idea of manifestos (which I was excited about, because I’ve been slowly collecting them for a A rolling stone gathering moss Dec 31, 2022 project & writing & making Is a rock alive? What story would it tell if it was? *A Rolling Stone Gathering Moss* began by stumbling across a rock in the path.