2024-03-23 Log

To try tonight:

  • try playing sound thry eel’s piezo
  • try casting 2pt eel w/ gelatine (defer)
  • try applying mirror film on top of laser-cut image
  • try woven basket as antennae
  • try cutting out cardboard eel forms, leave negative
  • try render video of fabric falling
  • try cloth on top of computer monitor
  • try making test black box

Piezo as speaker in eel:

  • inaudible w/o the amplifier
  • best results with amplifier gain at 200 and volume all the way up, but still really quiet
  • tried piezo as both speaker and input — no noticeable results

Wire basket as antennae:

  • no real noticeable results. Not sure if the multistrand wire has anything to do with it, or the connections weren’t strong enough, etc.

2-way mirror + projector:

  • applied mirror film to the (textured) laser-cut side of the plastic. creates bubble effect, but still picks up a surprising amount of detail.
  • Tested reflections from projector and flashlight: the mirrored film reflects light almost as well as the fully mirrored surfaces. When in the projector beam you can see through it in the form of half-shadowed. The reflected front-face is clear, however. Further away from the wall the more blurry the image becomes, of course. If the area behind the mirrored film is dark (in the case of the swallow nest, which prevents the light from bouncing around behind the entrance) it’s convincingly mirrored– can’t see through.

Made a 5-sided mirrored cube:

  • can still see through it partially at certain angles depending on the light. I didn’t expect that. Placing an LED inside it reveals more of the insides, and also creates a bit of an infinite mirror effect as the interior reflects. The film is mirrored on both sides… maybe a true two-way mirror isn’t like that? My only point of reference is procedural crime shows an a bathroom I was in once.

Also fussed a little with the cloth render. Tried a Translucent material and moved camera to above. Tried it with denoise– horrendous.

I kind of like how the forms poke through and are shadowed… the translucency and form reminds me of cocoons. And rendered a short animation, without ground:

Was listening to the Scavenger’s Reign soundtrack, and Kevin Penkin’s newest Abyss OST.

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