2024-02-21 Log

Testing the simple magnet wire antennae more this morning. Tried creating a second coil and attaching each one to the left and right audio jack inputs for stereo reading/sound — good results! It’s neat how they pick up on slightly different spaces. I just roughly estimated the same length of wire, haven’t tried to see what using a dramatically shorter / longer amount of wire would do, though I have guesses.

I also took apart one and then re-wrapped it around the end of one of my prototyped dowsing rods — I really didn’t think it would work, because I thought having the one of the wire running back from the tip underneath the coils would interrupt the flow, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It works fairly well! I totally think I could make two dowsing rod antennas using this method.

Now just to make my own version of what the Zoom H1 mic is doing. Revisiting this Make: project. …was able to find another tutorial, too, with a full schematic (apparently it’s slightly different):

Re. the IP cubes/grid idea, followed this origami tutorial to make a couple boxes out of tracing paper. Like the layered opacity effect from the paper. Tried putting something inside.

I forgot, but I was also doing some small tests with gridded metal:

Conducts electricity. Here’s one plane that’s hooked to power, the other to ground. The LED in between bridges and completes the circuit.

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