2024-01-23 Log

Craig recommended a podcast with an interview with Arlene Shechet about ‘the studio’, which I enjoyed. Some notes:

“making art is about being in place”

treating each object as a focus for contemplation

“you follow the work…” in form in idea in technical problem always

Also hearing her talk about rejection of the anti-pedestle, and how that changes the way viewer’s bodies relate to the sculpture’s body is interesting.

Painted/drew a graphite and acrylic version of this cable crosssection on some mylar. Experimented with poking an LED through the middle, or lighting it. Sealed it instead with copper tape. Drew it to scale — wonder what it would look like on the overhead projector.

And stuck a cable on the end of a stick.

Also continued building up large aluminum eel. The studio wall:

Had some thoughts about the eel + cable comic in relation to what Nathan said about philosophical dialectic debates/conversation — I wondered about playing with that. Perhaps it could be a part of the thesis document? Also wondered about chatting with AI, and transposing that. AI playing the role of the cable, myself playing the role of the eel.

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