2024-01-21 Log

In the studio this afternoon — trying, trying, trying to get there more frequently — and thinking about:

  • studio practices — what are ‘practices’, habits or tools that I can turn to in order to help me continue moving forward?
    • (‘daily’ logs being one of them)
  • sorting/organizing recent ideas; I’ve been bouncing between sketchbook-ing visual ideas and filtering through all the things I’ve been reading/listening to
  • what are the things I can / am taking steps in doing and making? — I’ve been in a cycle of thinking, reflecting, reading and writing… which has been good, but I’m also feeling impatient and like I need to begin bringing these ideas out of the mind / off the page and into ‘reality’ (be that physical or virtual)

Studio Practices

  1. Drawing Practice — marks on paper; use the cheap printer paper and move a pen/pencil over it. Toss it at the end if you’d like. The goal is to reorient your thoughts onto the paper surface.
  2. Writing Practice — words describing ideas; journal in book or write / log in Blot Obsidian. It’s okay to write imperfectly, and to leave it ‘unfinished’. The goal is to order thoughts through the linear progression of text.
  3. Material Practice — verbs applied to material; involved other materials / media in transformative processes. Use hands, ideally. Hold the thing. Play with objects and processes. The goal is to engage the body in transforming something, without needing a ‘plan’.
  • Logs — try ‘daily’ Obsidian note, doesn’t need to be full sentences. This feeds into:
  • Documentation — photos and snippets of experiment results, as well as research journey ‘trail markers’ or ‘blazes’.
  • Tape it up — tape up the thing on the wall

This documenting thing is a delicate balance. I feel like I’m always — and I obviously feel more comfortable in doing, or have a bias towards — drawing/writing/logging without the actual doing/making of the thing.

There are a number of projects that I keep coming back to, that haven’t really seen the light of day yet:

  • DIY Cables — sections of cables made out of different materials…
  • Graphics of cross sections of cables
  • The pentacell battery thing
  • swallow nest network
  • 3D printing the cable globe
  • copper mirror polishing itself
  • eels as lines between points
    • how long is an eel? 16 - 30 in
  • vacuum-formed pool in frame stand

Stumbled onto this Japanese artist, Rikuo Ueda, while trying to find a different one. He has created a series of works of ‘wind drawings’. Seems like he attaches pen to a branch and a piece of paper to another nearby, and lets the movement of the tree in the wind create a drawing. Also created this structure, which is interesting:

Also a series of these objects in white frame cubes:

This spare frame is something I keep coming back to in my sketchbook, too. I’m not sure why. Perhaps comes from the picture frame + a third dimension. Or like the default scene in Blender, with the cube.

In the process, also visited artist website that shows you the routing of the data:

I love that it shows the ‘cable length’.

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