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2024-02-22 Log At home working in VR, via. Gravity Sketch. I pulled in a bunch of reference images and am just trying to sketch, iterate on things. I can’t work in Feb 22, 2024 logs
2024-02-22 Log Feb 22, 2024 logs At home working in VR, via. Gravity Sketch. I pulled in a bunch of reference images and am just trying to sketch, iterate on things. I can’t work in 2024-02-21 Log Feb 21, 2024 logs Testing the simple magnet wire antennae more this morning. Tried creating a second coil and attaching each one to the left and right audio jack 2024-02-20 Log Feb 20, 2024 logs Been all over the place, mentally and physically, recently. Had low energy the past two weeks, but seems to be on the up — and I’m on reading week! 2024-02-04 Log Feb 4, 2024 logs & making & research How to make a metal armature eel pot, and a two-part mold of eels. 2024-01-30 Log Jan 30, 2024 logs Was mostly gathering materials, today. Found some balsa wood sticks from the hobby store nearby, and did a trip to Value Village finally and, after 2024-01-29 Log Jan 29, 2024 logs & research It’s a snow day! Following up on recommended references by Craig and David: Craig linked me to the book created alongside this exhibition (catalog 2024-01-25 Log Jan 27, 2024 logs Went to check on my eel sculpt: cracked like crazy! Poor thing. Also probably way too big. Asked Google, then Devon, about the cracking — may have 2024-01-24 Log Jan 24, 2024 logs Had a guest speaker this morning, Connie Wilson. Enjoyed the discussion, very much! Really resonated with the methodology that she described 2024-01-23 Log Jan 23, 2024 logs Craig recommended a podcast with an interview with Arlene Shechet about ‘the studio’, which I enjoyed. Some notes: “making art is about being in 2024-01-21 Log Jan 21, 2024 logs In the studio this afternoon — trying, trying, trying to get there more frequently — and thinking about: studio practices — what are ‘practices’, Charting my fall studio activities Jan 13, 2024 logs & research a bit more of a complete account of what I was up to in my studio this first semester of my MFA What our tools say about us - Part 1 Jan 8, 2024 logs The beginning of thoughts regarding *the* topic of this season: what's going on with us and technology? How are we using technology in interacting with our world, with people? Or furthermore, how do we *want* to? What I’ve been researching so far this fall Nov 11, 2023 logs & research Hi all, How are you? It’s already the beginning of November and I’m faced with the fact that I haven’t written much here other than the piece about Nocturne Log - Art at Night Oct 27, 2023 logs & responses About Halifax's Nocturne public art festival at night, and my experience delivering soup to artists. Week 7 - Part 2 - the unbuilding game Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research This log is a continuation of Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle, where I talk about some of the work that came out of my class *Embodied Research*. Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research The wrap up of my summer course and some of the things I've made, including jello experiments and making an edible board game. Week 6 - The life and times of rocks Aug 14, 2023 logs & research a DIY concrete-everything house, a human-scale camera obscura, and millions-year-old rock formations on the Bay of Fundy. Week 4 + 5 - gardens and other living places Aug 5, 2023 logs & research I'm back with another report from the past couple of weeks: a studio visit to Angella Parson's, a quick stop at Kejimkujik Park, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum and finally the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton. I'll share some things that are still lingering in me. Week 3 - connections, agency, and traces Jul 25, 2023 logs & research Hope you’ve been well! Nova Scotia got an absolute deluge of rain over the weekend, but thankfully we didn’t experience any flooding– and are Week 2 - the cloud under the water Jul 16, 2023 logs & research Exploring the physicality of internet: undersea cables that wrap the globe
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