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kdrae log
Week 7 - Part 2 - the unbuilding game Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research This log is a continuation of Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle, where I talk about some of the work that came out of my class *Embodied Research*. Week 7 - Part 1 - message in a bottle Aug 27, 2023 logs & making & research The wrap up of my summer course and some of the things I've made, including jello experiments and making an edible board game. Week 6 - The life and times of rocks Aug 14, 2023 logs & research a DIY concrete-everything house, a human-scale camera obscura, and millions-year-old rock formations on the Bay of Fundy. Week 4 + 5 - gardens and other living places Aug 5, 2023 logs & research I'm back with another report from the past couple of weeks: a studio visit to Angella Parson's, a quick stop at Kejimkujik Park, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum and finally the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton. I'll share some things that are still lingering in me. Week 3 - connections, agency, and traces Jul 25, 2023 logs & research Hope you’ve been well! Nova Scotia got an absolute deluge of rain over the weekend, but thankfully we didn’t experience any flooding– and are Week 2 - the cloud under the water Jul 16, 2023 logs & research Exploring the physicality of internet: undersea cables that wrap the globe Week 1 - Embodied Research Jul 9, 2023 logs & research Hello! It’s been a bit since I’ve written here. A lot has been happening in life, and I’m excited to share what that is, and mark the start a new Water as a Gift - Making of - Post-Mortem Part 1 Apr 5, 2023 making & project Part 1 of a retrospective look at the successes and failings in the making of my kinetic installation project. Log 11 - Manifesto Mar 22, 2023 logs & teaching & making In one of my classes recently we introduced this idea of manifestos (which I was excited about, because I’ve been slowly collecting them for a Log 10 - Making a decision Mar 5, 2023 logs I had to make a big decision at the beginning of this month: where I would go to school for my Master's. Log 9 - A trip to the gallery Feb 25, 2023 logs & responses & drawing & teaching A zine about a trip to the gallery and illustrating my experience Notes - Cool Museums and Hot Museums Feb 20, 2023 responses Selected quotes and short notes from a book about museology and museums Log 8 - reportage drawing Feb 17, 2023 logs & drawing & teaching In one of the classes I’ve been teaching this term we introduced the illustration ‘genre’ of reportage. What is reportage drawing? Reportage is Log 7 - three old guys Feb 8, 2023 logs & responses The past week we were looking at artistic/creative influences in class and discussing them. Perhaps (probably) related, I’ve been looking back to Log 6 - gesture drawings Feb 5, 2023 logs & drawing I've been doing some figure drawing gestures recently as a warm up (or just the main event) when I sit down to draw. Log 5 - on drawing, three ways from three books Feb 4, 2023 logs & drawing & responses This is a work-in-progress post. I’d like to come back and tend to this as I go. In the meantime, you’re welcome to explore whatever is here so far. Log 4 - teaching, journal response project, visualizing time Jan 29, 2023 logs & responses & teaching This semester I’m teaching and helping build (in real time) a new course for the third-year curriculum in the Illustration program. It’s called Log 3 - Noguchi and I’s letters Jan 22, 2023 logs & responses I was reading Isamu Noguchi: A Sculptor’s World this morning and came across part of his biography where he was applying to the then newly-founded Log 2 - Rolling Stone update, teaching, rest, going to the library Jan 21, 2023 logs & teaching To give an update on what I was writing about in my last (first) log, I did end up finishing the Rolling stone gallery– at least, a demo version. I Log 1 - progress on Rolling Stone gallery in Unity Jan 6, 2023 logs I’m attempting to finish up the rolling stone gallery (walking sim in Unity) today because– I’m applying to Masters programs and want to use this Next page