2024-07-08 Log

image from Melanie Hoff’s Folder Poetry githubimage from Melanie Hoff’s Folder Poetry github

I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with: I took everything down form my studio walls and put the things I made in a box. It feels blanker, emmptier. It’s hard to remembr that much of what I felt I made was actually sketches of ideas, rather than actualised artwork. That’s fine; it’s a part of the process. Nonethless, I’ll let it sit for a while. It feels like the past couple of months have been quiet periods in my studio work — busy in other areas — and I imagine things settling, falling an condensing like silt in lakebeds. I have a bit more distance, I think, from the work, a little bit of detachment. I still think it’s interesting, and I don’t feel any desire to change my topic/focus, but I’m looking for another way to approach it.

It definitely feels like between my three areas, eels are the one people are the most intrigued by, the one that sparks curiosity. ‘Why eels?’ I also often start with it. Not to meniton, they are unique in their relaitonship to this land, so why not take ‘advantage’ of that aspect, while I’m studying here?

When Abedar was visiting and we were discussing my studio work. she suggested this. What else? To consider:

  • what were the questions I was asking?
  • what could I uniquely have the opportunity to do here at NSCAD/NS?
  • what was the central idea I’m getting at? …the last was one she emphasised, saying artists out to drill down to that, and commit to the bit (I’m paraphrasing). We talked about:
  • the eel as entry point, creating a narrative
  • audio — perhaps rather than sound it becomes vibration, accessibility angle
  • fyke net in the gallery — you walk in and all the work is inside the trap
    • which I found really exciting. It would be unique, but also connects/prompts ideas of entrapment, being in the trap, the netting/screen could be a liminal fil, like Tove Storch’s use of silk in her installations.
  • getting out of the gallery, working with site-specificity or responsiveness. We talked about bringing the work to the water, perhaps laying the netting/cloth out in the water and letting the tide/saltwater stain it.

…I wish I could remember more. Ah… But this did get my imagination going!

Thesis Document

  • wondering about the medium for my thesis — potentially an Obsidian vault? Want to look into publishing online and downloading a vault (collection of markdown files)
    • Blot apparently lets you publish multiple sites on the same payment plan, so I could create a separate vault w/ Blot integrated, w/o extra charge?
  • USB as object — ref. USB Club — I was thinking about putting the entire vault’s files on a USB, potentially with the Obsidian App Installer. Was also thinking of Melanie Hoff’s Folder Poetry, which would be the more elegant / not online version…
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